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In Dungeon Keeper, tunnelling is done by hero Tunnellers in order to reach its target, which is usually an enemy Keeper but can also be an Action Point. This is distinct from digging, which is normally done by Imps belonging to a Keeper, but is also done by converted Tunnellers.

Differences from digging[]

  • Tunnelling makes a much deeper sound than digging, which makes an ordinary digging sound.
  • The creature himself decides which tiles to excavate, not the player; the creature to tunnel to a specified target is "sent" there, and the creature himself makes all the decisions as to how he gets there. With digging, you tag a tile or tiles, and your Imps come and dig it; they do not dig tiles that are not tagged, and will stop digging a tile if it's untagged while being dug. Tagging and untagging a tile has no effect on whether it's to be dug by a creature who's tunnelling.
  • Only earth and reinforced wall tiles are excavated; gold seams are bypassed, even though they can be excavated.
  • There is no creature spell to allow tunnelling whilst in possession of a digger creature (not that there would be any functional difference from digging in possession).