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UnDed (short for Unofficial Dungeon Keeper Editor) is a level editor for Dungeon Keeper. It is the first consumer-oriented level editor made for the game, but development was abandoned after the official editor was released, because the authors (Christopher Delay and Gareth Sidebottom) felt that UnDed was no longer needed.

Development was briefly revived in May 2008 by Tomasz Lis; it was converted to a 32-bit program that can run on modern Windows versions (it was originally created as a 16-bit Windows 3.1 program).[1] However, development has been completely inactive since then, and with the advent of Unearth in 2021, it is likely to remain inactive forever.

UnDed is known to corrupt maps. However, there is a tool in DKTools that fixes maps corrupted by UnDed.


UnDed Hearth

Hearth in UnDed. Things are represented as dots, which are colour-coded according to its class.

UnDed has several modes: Terrain, Things, Action, Data, Ownership, and Animation. Only Terrain, Things, and Action are of much use. Unlike the official editor and Unearth, things are represented, not by its icon or model, but by colour-coded circles:

  • Objects are yellow
  • Creatures are green
  • Effects are blue
  • Traps (not crates) are red
  • Everything else is white

Action Points are represented by yellow squares. Things and Action Points can be right-clicked to view and edit their properties, provided the user is in the respective mode.

Despite its incompleteness, UnDed offers features that the official editor does not: a script editor (though this is incomplete; it can read the level's script, but seems to miss a lot of things), the ability to place a wider range of things (though not as wide as ADiKtEd or Unearth), the ability to load maps stored anywhere, and the ability to create a hero party and link it to an Action Point from within the program.

Claimed path tiles are always represented by the same tileset, regardless of the tileset the level uses. It also only supports the first four tilesets.


  • UnDed was used to make the Evil Keeper campaign, and it was used alongside other editors to make the Ancient Keeper campaign.


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  1. The About dialogue box gives a version number of 0.75, but the readme file says the latest version is 0.76b.

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