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Undead creatures Dungeon Keeper

The three undead creatures in Dungeon Keeper.

Undead is the group term used for some creatures in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 that share some features and are usually created instead of being attracted. Undead creatures are unique in the fact that they are all immune to Poison Gas and (except the Vampire in Dungeon Keeper) do not require nourishment.

Dungeon Keeper[]

In Dungeon Keeper, the undead creatures are Skeletons, Vampires, and Ghosts.

Undead creatures can usually only be created instead of attracted through a Portal (with some exceptions), Skeletons are created through a humanoid creature starving to death in the Prison, Vampires are created in the Graveyard when enough corpses are brought to it, and Ghosts are created by killing a creature through torture. Skeletons and Ghosts do not require food, but can still eat to restore health if fed directly, for example while being tortured. Because of this, Skeletons and Ghosts will never die in a Prison, but Vampires can, and will then turn into Skeletons. All three creatures can be tortured to death (including the Ghost), and will produce a new Ghost. Ghosts and Vampires also have the ability to see invisible creatures, but Skeletons do not.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

The only undead creatures in Dungeon Keeper 2 are Skeletons and Vampires. Aside from their immunities, another feature of these creatures is the fact that they never get knocked unconscious, and therefore cannot be imprisoned or converted. It also means that one should be very careful when trying to train them in a Combat Pit. Skeletons simply shatter when they run out of health, and Vampires either disintegrate into a cloud of bats (if they are level 1 or defeated by a Monk), or resurrect one level lower in a Graveyard.