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Unearth is a level editor for Dungeon Keeper. It is optimised for modern systems and has many unique features that are not offered by other editors.

Its ease of use, compatibility with modern systems, support for both the original game and KeeperFX, and support for features only available in the latter have led to Unearth replacing the other editors in the Dungeon Keeper map-making scene; as of 2024, the other editors have all but completely fallen out of use.


Unearth Overhead

Overhead view

Unearth has a built-in script generator and editor; however, as it uses the Windows-1252 code page, you will run into issues if using accented letters or non-Latin text; the codes for these characters in code page 1252 differ from what the game expects them to be (the game was originally a DOS game, so it (even KeeperFX) uses code pages from that era; the specific one depends on the language setting).

It is possible to set the research values and Creature Pool without manually editing the script. It is also possible to view a map in 3D overhead or first-person perspective. The game can be launched to play the map directly from the editor. There is also an option to convert an image file into a map.

Unearth First Person

First-person view

Unlike the official editor, anything can be placed on maps, including avant-garde KeeperFX-specific objects such as gold bags and custom Dungeon Special boxes. There is also support for specific reinforced wall types and the pseudo-terrain Purple Path. KeeperFX's new tilesets are also supported, as are multi-tileset KeeperFX maps. Unearth can even compile tileset assets into dat files for use on maps.

Unearth can also generate map previews, which are in a style similar to ADiKtEd's previews.

In short, Unearth combines the sophistication of ADiKtEd with the user-friendliness of the long-abandoned UnDed editor.

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