This is the article about the room present in Dungeon Keeper 2. For the room in Dungeon Keeper, see Temple.

The Unholy Temple is the last room The Keeper gets access to, and costs 3000 gold per tile. It has a minimum size of 5x5, and attracts a maximum of 2 Dark Angels per temple hand.

Building a 3x3 temple allows the sacrifice of units. All sacrifices generate mana but sacrificing certain combinations of units will create either a new unit (both creatures and heroes), with a level average to the sacrificed units or an item.

A temple becomes useful at higher levels when more powerful portal creatures are available; the weak ones can be sacrificed, and will generate more mana depending on the creature type and level. Resultant creatures from combinations also scale with the material creatures used.

It is usually not a wise move to build a temple solely for the Dark Angels, unless gold is not a problem.

To get evil creatures
Creature Creature Creature Result
2 Vampires -- -- Bile Demon
2 Trolls -- -- Warlock
2 Salamanders -- -- Mistress
2 Dark Elves -- -- Troll
2 Warlocks -- -- Goblin
2 Rogues -- -- Salamander
2 Skeletons 1 Firefly -- Dark Elf
2 Black Knights -- -- Vampire
2 Bile Demons -- -- Rogue
2 Mistresses -- -- Skeleton
1 Guard 1 Mistress -- Black Knight
1 Black Knight 1 Warlock 1 Firefly


To get Goodly Heroes
Creature Creature Spell Result
1 Black Knight -- Turncoat Knight
1 Goblin -- Create Imp Dwarf
1 Bile Demon 1 Salamander Tremor Giant
1 Warlock -- Inferno Wizard
1 Dark Elf -- Sight Of Evil Elven Archer
1 Mistress -- Create Gold Thief
1 Vampire 1 Guard Heal Monk
1 Mistress 1 Firefly Lightning Fairy
1 Rogue 1 Dark Elf Call To Arms Guard
To get Traps and Doors
Creature Creature Result
1 Imp 1 Bile Demon Gas Trap
1 Imp 1 Giant Boulder Trap
1 Imp 1 Warlock Sentry Trap
1 Imp 1 Dark Elf Alarm Trap
1 Imp 1 Salamander Fireburst Trap
1 Imp 1 Mistress Lightning Trap
1 Imp 1 Fairy Freeze Trap
1 Imp 1 Skeleton Fear Trap
1 Imp 1 Troll Trigger Trap
1 Imp 1 Black Knight Spike Trap
1 Imp 1 Thief Wooden Door
1 Imp 1 Guard Braced Door
1 Imp 1 Knight Steel Door
1 Imp 1 Wizard Magic Door
1 Imp 1 Rogue Secret Door
1 Imp 1 Elven Archer Barricade
To get Magical Items
Creature Creature Creature Result
3 Monks -- -- Increase Mana
3 Thiefs -- -- Increase Gold
2 Dwarves 1 Mistress -- Make Safe
1 Bile Demon 1 Dark Elf 1 Mistress Receive Imps
1 Bile Demon 1 Giant 1 Guard Stun Imps
2 Mistresses 1 Fairy Make Happy
Black Knight Goblin Dark Elf Make Unhappy

Another use of the temple is to quickly generate mana by forcing creatures to pray by dropping them onto the outer ring of the temple. Creature level doesn't affect the amount of produced mana from praying, except in the case that a level 4 creature only seems to generate 1/4 (rounded down) of the normal amount. Vampires and Warlocks will choose to pray willingly after spells have been researched.

When sacrificing something, The Mentor says "The Dark Gods have accepted your sacrifice" but when you sacrifice 2 Dark Mistresses and get a Skeleton, he says "Are you mad? the Dark Gods will punish you for such blasphemy!".

If you do not keep an eye on your praying creatures once in a while, sometimes one of them will fall into the pool and eventually "sacrifice" itself.  Vampires seem to be especially prone to this for some reason.

Note that the creatures with which you are blessed by sacrificing other creatures, much like creatures converted in the Torture Chamber, do NOT count against the total number that your Portals will attract.


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