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The Vampire is a creature in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, Dungeon Keeper Online, and Dungeon Keeper Mobile.

Vampires are undead creatures, who do not require nourishment. They rise from corpses in a Graveyard, and are notoriously difficult to kill; when their health runs out, they are resurrected at full health, albeit at one experience level lower. They are also good researchers, but parsimonious Keepers should steer clear of Vampire creation, as they demand a hefty wage.

Dungeon Keeper[]

"An undead creature that is a natural at research and scavenging but refuses to get its hands dirty and manufacture for you. If it is scavenging in the Scavenger Room and there are no other Vampires on the map, it raises your Portal attraction by half, thus increasing the creatures who enter your Dungeon. If a Vampire’s experience level is higher than three, it becomes immortal. Then, it resurrects itself in its Lair when it dies although its experience level drops by one. Vampires can be created in a Graveyard from decomposing bodies."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual
Vampire portrait Dungeon Keeper no border

The Vampire's Portrait

Vampires rise from a Graveyard for every 10 corpses that decay there. In a rare few maps, Vampires are added to the Creature Pool and enabled for Keepers to attract through the Portal with a 30+ tile Graveyard.

Vampires are among the strongest melee attackers before they learn Drain, whereupon they favor ranged combat and kite against pursuers.

When he reaches level 3, the Vampire becomes Immortal. The quantity of experience needed to level-up is sharply increased after 3, but if the Vampire is slain, he turns into vapor and resurrects in his Lair, minus one level. Coupled with their Teleport ability when ordered to flee, Vampires can prove almost impossible for enemies to permanently remove.

Dungeon Keeper Vampire movement animation

Ingame animation of the Vampire

Vampires do have some deficiencies: they cannot engage in any sort of manufacturing, are fairly easily annoyed, and do not tolerate being picked up for long (though they're not nearly as intolerant of being held in the hand as Horned Reapers). In addition, placing them in a Temple annoys them rather than appeases them. They are very expensive to maintain, and collect some of the highest wages during payday (750 gold at level 1!). This can be remedied somewhat by showering them with a small quantity of gold, but this is much harder to do for higher level Vampires, who can teleport. While their resilience in battle is incredible, they lack high-grade magical attack spells.


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 56
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 800
Strength Base Strength: 70
Defence Defence: 30
Skill Base Skill: 80
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 80
Luck Luck: 25
Tasks & Management
Vampire-icon Primary Job Scavenge
Vampire-icon Secondary Job Research
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 3
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill none
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 4
Wage Training Cost /64t 50
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 8
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 25
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger 20
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -7
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 9
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger 2Chicken icon tiny / 6000t
Wage Base Wage 750


  • Hellhounds urinate on the corpses in the Graveyard, aiding in their decomposition and, by extension, the acquisition of more Vampires.
    Dungeon Keeper Possess Creature Vampire

    Possessing a Vampire. Everything looks red

  • When possessed, Vampire sight is tinted red.
  • A simple way to get a Vampire is to summon Imps and slap them to death, until enough are brought to the Graveyard to summon a Vampire. In this manner, a powerful fighting creature can be raised in a dungeon without even capturing a Portal. This is disabled by default in KeeperFX, starting from version 0.4.9.
  • From experience level 2 onwards, they can fly, allowing them to traverse lava with ease, and they can detect invisible creatures.
  • When Vampires revive after death, they retain the spells learnt at their previous level(s). This is fixed in newer versions of KeeperFX, but remains available as a classic bug.
  • Like the other undead creatures, the Skeleton and Ghost, Vampires are immune to the effect of gas. They fight with Warlocks if they share the same Lair.
  • Up until level 3, Vampires train very quickly in Training Rooms. However, past this point, they require considerably more experience (and therefore time and money) to obtain higher levels than other creatures do:
  title: {
    text: 'Experience required for levelling up'
  tooltip: {
    trigger: 'axis'
  legend: {
    data: ['Vampire', 'Others']
  grid: {
    left: '3%',
    right: '4%',
    bottom: '3%',
    containLabel: true
  toolbox: {
    feature: {
      dataView: { show: true, readOnly: true },
      restore: { show: true },
      saveAsImage: { show: true }
  xAxis: {
    name: 'Level',
    type: 'category',
    boundaryGap: false,
    data: ['2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9', '10']
  yAxis: {
    type: 'value'
  series: [
      name: 'Vampire',
      type: 'line',
      data: [1000, 3500, 6500, 12000, 17000, 25000, 40000, 50000, 60000]
      name: 'Others',
      type: 'line',
      data: [1000, 3500, 5000, 6500, 8500, 10500, 13000, 16000, 20000]

  • Vampires are excellent scavengers and will head to any Scavenger Rooms (if any are available) when left to their own devices. If a Vampire is in a Scavenger Room, then the rate at which creatures join the player's dungeon increases, albeit negligibly (even though the manual says it's the limit that's increased, not the rate[2]).
  • Vampires are good researchers, although not quite as good as Warlocks or Wizards.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Dungeon Keeper 2 Vampire panel icon

The Vampire panel icon

Lords of the Undead, Vampires are created from the decaying souls of slain creatures and humans. Amongst their skills in combat, Vampires have the ability to hypnotize enemy creatures into temporarily switching sides.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Vampire concept art

DK2 Concept Art (Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual)

Although not completely immortal, Vampires can only be eternally ‘laid to rest’ by Monks (hence their unbridled hatred of the shaven-pated holy ones). Each time a Vampire is slain, it loses an experience level before re-incarnating in the Graveyard. If you are not in control of a Graveyard when a Vampire is slain, or if the Vampire is level 1, then it is lost for good.

The Vampire is your best undead fighter. They have a wide range of spells, and can inflict devastating losses to the enemy. Not to mention, they also have the resurrect ability. On their own, they will choose to research or pray and will never train in the Training Room and must be dropped in there to do so.


  • When five or more corpses rot in your Graveyard a vampire appears.
  • A decayed Dark Angel attracts a Vampire instantly.
  • Vampire have the ability to turn into a bat and scout out. Useful in possession.
  • They have the hypnotise ability. Lets you command the enemy like the group function in possession.
  • A Vampire takes damage when walking through water.
  • They are tied for the highest wages in the game.
  • When they die, they can be resurrected 1 level lower in your Graveyard. Cannot be resurrected if killed by a Monk or if at level 1 when slain.
  • At level 10 they gain the ability "raise the dead" they will use it on any corpse they see, changing it into a Skeleton. These will stay forever, and can give you an infinite supply of Skeletons if you continuously have corpses.
  • They are very hard to train to level 10 without micromanagement, as they will die in the Combat Pit and not get knocked out; resurrecting in the Graveyard 1 level lower.
  • It is often much more effective to let corpses die in your Prison than in the Graveyard, especially if you have not maxed your Skeleton count. A Vampire is really hard to train past level 4, and has quite a high upkeep cost. They will not get raise dead and life drain until very high levels.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

Like in previous instalments, Vampires in Dungeon Keeper Online were good researchers, and extremely tough.[1]

Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]


Vampire progression Dungeon Keeper Mobile


Vampires fed off the living, giving them back life. They also converted minions upon their death.


Seeks Dungeon Heart
Ability Heals for 10% damage dealt against the Living1
(percentage increases with level)
Passive Converts 1 Living Minion upon their death2
(Increases with level)
Strength 5x damage to Dungeon Heart
Weakness 4x damage from Spike Traps
Creature Targets Flying and Ground
Attack Speed 0.25s
Move Speed 275
Housing Space 10
Summoning Time 30 minutes
Defensive Location Graveyard


  • The amount of minions that are converted by a vampire is equal to the vampires level up until level 8 which is the max, 8 being the max amount of minions from a level 8 to 13 vampire. So a level 2 vampire can convert 2 minions, a level 4 vampire can convert 4 minions and a level 13 vampire can convert 8.
  • When a vampire does damage to a living minion (Trolls, Bile Demons, etc), it heal a percentage of the damage done.  For example, if 10% and does 200 damage, it would heal 20
  • Vampires can convert a living minion (Trolls, Bile Demons, etc) it attacks, even after the vampires death. The higher the level vampire, the more minions will be converted.
  • Trolls, Warlocks, Bile Demons, Mistresses, and Dragon Whelps can be converted.
  • Skeletons, Necromancers, Ghosts, Vampires and Immortals are immune to conversion. Vampires are also weaker against these targets as they cannot drain their health
  • Vampires at Graveyards and Guild Halls will often travel to the next room if it is only 1 space over, this can make vampires good for defending other rooms such as Dungeon Hearts
  • Vampires are often clucked off as they can be quite the threat even for high level players, if a level 35 troll dies, it will respawn as a level 35 troll on the vampires side
  • High level vampires are extremely effective at defense, at max level they can take almost 2 entire Cluck Off spells to kill them
  • Vampires are often withdrawn from the Guild Lair as they make great defense, especially at high levels
  • Once Vampires reach level 10, they require more than one max level cluck off spell to kill them
  • High level Vampires are extremely effective against high level players attacking your dungeon
  • Vampires at level 13 will do 4560 damage per second to a Dungeon Heart, 228 damage per 0.25 seconds at 5x damage.

Training Upgrades[]

Level Damage Health Heal


DPS Training Time Training Cost Graveyard Summoning
1 27 585 10% 108 - - 1 1,500
2 42 885 15% 168 8h 700k 4 3,000
3 57 1,185 20% 228 16h 1.5M 7 5,000
4 72 1,485 25% 288 ? 6.2M 10 12,000
5 85 1,800 30% 340 2d 13M 11 30,000
6 99 2,125 33% 396 4d 25M 14 ?
7 113 2,430 36% 452 6d 38M 17 60,000
8 127 2,755 40% 508 8d 52M 20 85,000
9 144 3,205 40% 576 10d 52.8M ? 85,000
10 165 3585 40% 660 12d 66M ? 100,000
11 186 3965 40% 774 ? 70M
? 120,000
12 207 4345 40% 828 ? ? ? 130,000
13 228 4725 40% 912 ? ? 32 ?


  • Max level was Level 13
  • Training times adjusted for May, 2018 update.


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