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The view type is specified in the Graphics Panel in the Options Panel.


The default view has crooked walls and paths, and the option of having full-height walls or short walls. It can be rotated (clockwise or anticlockwise) through the full 360° circumference, and its default orientation is north-east. This mode lets you zoom further in than you can in Forced Perspective mode. Each terrain type has a "wibble" value that determines how crooked it is in this mode. Coming out of Possess Creature sets your camera orientation to whatever it was when you came out of it.

In later versions of Dungeon Keeper FX, pressing the middle mouse button sets the camera orientation to north, and switches between north and south.


  • This mode's camera actually has a tilt setting, but it's hardcoded with no way to change it.
  • Dungeon Keeper Direct3D was seemingly built for this mode, but will run (with glitches) in Forced Perspective if the game is set to it.

Forced Perspective[]

Forced Perspective, also colloquially referred to as Straight Walls mode, has straight walls and paths, but no option for the former's height. You can also only rotate (clockwise or anticlockwise) in 90° intervals: the camera's orientation can only be north, south, east, or west; there is no in-between. Therefore, it is impossible to slap things (e.g a Boulder Trap in order to trigger it) at non-straight angles, as you can in the default mode. Its default orientation is north. However, you can zoom out further than you can in the default view. Coming out of Possess Creature does not affect the camera orientation.

In later versions of Dungeon Keeper FX, pressing the middle mouse button switches between north and south, or east and west, depending on which orientation you're currently on.

Default Forced Perspective
Isometric view Dungeon Keeper Forced Perspective Dungeon Keeper


  • In both default and Forced Perspective views, returning to the game screen from the fullscreen map resets the camera's orientation to north (even though the former's default is north-east). However, this is less noticeable in Forced Perspective because its default orientation is north anyway.
  • In KeeperFX, the zoom limit is greatly increased; you can zoom out far enough for a panoptic view of a 85x85 dungeon:
Original KeeperFX
Maximum zoom out Dungeon Keeper Panoptic zoom Dungeon Keeper FX

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

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