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The Warehouse (DKM) or Material Warehouse (DKO) was where resources were stored (except gold, which was stored in the Treasury[1]).[2][3]

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

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The Material Warehouse stored wood, stone, ore, gems, and crystals. Gold was stored in the Treasury.

Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]


The Warehouse was where all your plundered and mined stone was stored. No minions hung around this room, Keeper, I guess Gold is more appealing to the Dragon Whelp. Warehouses did not defend themselves and were sought out by Bile Demons, who would destroy it very quickly. For each Stone Quarry you had claimed, you could build another Warehouse to a maximum of four. Quarries, however, gave other Keepers another way into your dungeon.


  • Stored your hard-earned stone.
  • Did not defend itself.
  • Bolstering reduced stone plundered when attacked.
  • Required one Stone Quarry claimed per Warehouse.
  • Stone Quarries also added 100k stone storage per upgrade.
  • At higher levels, Stone Quarries would need to be upgraded to allow the extra stone storage required for upgrading.
  • Target priority for Bile Demons, as well as Treasuries.
  • Swampus did 50% more damage against Treasuries and Warehouses.


Size 4x4

Stone Storage[]

You will find that there were times in the games when you didn’t have enough Stone storage, even with all your warehouses at their max level. You needed to upgrade your quarries to receive more stone storage. This issue affected Gold much more, due to the Dungeon Heart requiring the extra gold to upgrade it.


Level Health Storage Build
Dungeon Heart
1 450 2,500 1m 200 Level 1
2 750 5,000 30m 1,500
3 1,100 15k 1h 4,500
4 1,800 30k 2h 7,500 Level 2
5 2,600 55k 4h 30k Level 3
6 3,850 90k 8h 50k Level 4
7 5,300 170k 16h 80k
8 7,350 300k 1d 150k Level 5
9 8,800 720k 1d 12h 300k Level 6
10 10,350 1.6M 2d 750k Level 7
11 11,750 3M 4d 3M Level 11
12 13,435 6M 6d 9M Level 14
13 15,120 9M 8d 20M Level 17
14 16,830 12M 10d 32M Level 20
15 18,540 15M 12d 52.8M Level 23
16 20,240 17.5M 14d 66M Level 26
17 21,930 20M 18d 77.2M Level 29

Note - Max level is 17


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