Warlock 2
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Dungeon Keeper 2
Faction Creatures
Attracted By Library - 9 tiles (DK1)
Library 3x3 (DK2)
Sacrifice Recipe 1 Fly, 1 Spider (DK1)

2 Trolls (DK2)

Job Class Thinker
Fighter Class Ranged (DK1), Support (DK2)
Base Wage 120 (DK1)
600 (DK2)
Base Health 350
Spells Level 1 - Hand to Hand

Level 2 - Fireball
Level 3 - Heal
Level 4 - Meteor
Level 5 - Invisibility
Level 6 - Navigating Missile
Level 7 - Sight
Level 8 - Wind
Level 9 - Word of Power (DK1)

Lv.1 - Fireball
Lv.2 - Heal
Lv.8 - Fire Bomb (DK2)

Possession Skills --
Immune to --
Likes Researching
Hates Vampires (DK1)
Converted Wizards (DK2)
Enemy Counterpart Wizard

The Warlock (known as the Sorceror in the game's code) is a Creature type in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.


Powerful magical creatures who are excellent at research. Training makes them more powerful and expands their range of spells. If there are Warlocks in a group and their total experience is more than fifteen, they lead a rebellion against the rest of the group. The only way to combat this is to put them in a Prison or put one in the Torture Chamber. For this reason, Warlocks work well either with other Warlocks or alone.

-- Dungeon Keeper Manual

General Information (Dungeon Keeper) Edit

Warlocks are humanoid spell casters and Library experts aligned with the evil side. Given time and training, they gain access to a powerful and varied arsenal of spells. Higher level warlocks can serve to detect invisible enemies with their Sight spell, use a mix of fire-based attacks and missiles against enemies, and run crowd-control with Wind and Word of Power. Nevertheless, Warlocks are not nearly as dangerous in combat as trained-up hero spell casters, who generally get the real choice attacks. Their main advantage to Keepers in a skirmish is ready availability and low overhead. All you need is a 9-tile Library, and your Portal may then attract as many Warlocks as the Creature Pool and available Lair space will permit. They get access to Heal at level 3 and more-or-less maximize their damage potential as early as level 6 (where they add Navigating Missile to their attack sequence). Quantity, rather than prolonged training, is sufficient to field these minions effectively on offense.

Research is a Warlock's default job. After all projects are completed, they will just lurk around in the lair unless they get new orders. They are strong scavengers and adequate in the training room, but refuse to manufacture.

Warlocks are easily annoyed and hate others disrupting their work, especially "unworthy researchers," which in their view is anything walking or breathing in the Library for whom research is not a primary or secondary job. When trained to level 2 or more, they occasionally fling fireballs at these trespassers, injuring and annoying them (and possibly killing any weak and damaged Imps), and further lower their own happiness level. For this reason, you may want to consider training your Warlocks after everything has been researched. Should their numbers grow too large, Warlocks can incite revolts, further spreading unhappiness. With these negative traits, it may behoove pragmatic keepers to simply imprison or kill all their warlocks once all research is done to get the more combat-oriented and less fussy Skeletons and Vampires.

Warlocks and Vampires are mortal enemies and will fight to the death if forced to share lairs. They can still work together professionally outside of the lair. Warlocks gain experience from sleeping next to a Gold Seam, but the rate is negligible.

Combat Statistics Edit

Base Health: 350
Base Strength: 20
Defence: 15
Base Skill: 30
Base Dexterity: 100
Luck: 6

See Query for more information on Health, Strength, Defence, Skill, Dexterity and Luck.

Description (Dungeon Keeper 2)Edit

Warlocks are highly intelligent sorcerers, who have been shunned by the Overworld and now seek refuge in the depths of the Underworld. Warlocks are tireless in their quest for knowledge and likely to ally with any Keeper who allows them access to his extensive Libraries.

They shy away from physical contact (which may explain their hatred of Wizards), and prefer to loiter at the back of any fights, hurling fireballs at their lowly opponents. Proud as they are of their intellectual prowess, Warlocks always attempt to set up Lair near Libraries and consider themselves above menial tasks such as manufacturing[1]

The Mentor's thoughts Edit

"Hark now, a Warlock has arrived to study spells within your library. His research will serve your magic well. Restrict him not to his books for within combat he may prove formidable with fireballs."
The Mentor, Campaign Mode (DK2)
"A Warlock - use him in combat to support your other creatures. He is also your primary spell researcher and will spend long hours in the Library discovering new incantations for you."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)

Trivia Edit

  • The warlock is one of the four evil researchers (Warlock, Vampire, Dark Angel, Maiden).
  • In Dungeon Keeper, warlocks will only train if dropped in a Training Room. In Dungeon Keeper 2, some of them will sometimes randomly train without prompting even when there are spells left to research.
  • They can heal other creatures; this is especially useful when training creatures in the Combat Pit as warlocks have no mana cost. To do this, cast possession on a warlock outside the combat pit, and manually heal the fighting creatures as they take damage.
  • Warlocks have less health than hero Wizards, and less powerful spells at a higher level; but can heal.
  • Their wages are equal to those of a Mistress or a Bile Demon.



  1. Dungeon Keeper 2 Game Manual

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