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Waterdream Warm is the third level in Dungeon Keeper.

As in the first two levels, the Keeper plays defense against invading heroes here. The Lord of the Land, Baron Anthony[1], leads the final group.

This level introduces the player to the Library and Warlock. There is scarcely any new stuff to research in Waterdream Warm (only Speed Monster), but from this point on, the more advanced Rooms and Spells will usually have to be developed in the Library.


Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 12
Starting Gold 3000
Starting Forces 4 Imps
May Attract
Fly-icon Beetle-icon   Demon-spawn-icon Warlock-icon      
May Create or Summon
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small      
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small   SpeedMonster Icon Small
No Doors or Traps
  • Portal Speed: 400 Turns
  • Creature Pool:
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn     20
Warlock-icon Warlock 10
Fly-icon Fly 10
Beetle-icon Beetle 10
  • Neutral Things
Portal Icon Small Portal
Training Room Icon Small Training Room, outlined in the northwest granite
Skeleton-icon (2)  Skeleton-icon (2)   in Training Room
17,500 gold stowed inside White Dungeon


Waterdream HeroGate 800px

White Dungeon & Hero Gate

The "Thief" and "Dwarf" parties listed below will eventually enter through the Hero Gate in the white dungeon and begin tunneling around. There are two different triggers for this event.

  1. When a Warlock enters the player's service, a hidden timer starts ticking; after 3750 turns the player is urged to train a Warlock, and after 5000 turns, heroes appear.
  2. If the player tunnels up into the White Dungeon through the south, a trigger zone is reached. If or when he owns 10 or more creatures, heroes appear.

These triggers are accompanied by differing alert messages.

The white dungeon's walls are fortified except for a single breach-able tile in the south, and the approach through the southern tunnel passes over water; therefore, it is normally impossible to capture heroes' dungeon. However, the Tunnellers that spawn in the Hero Gate might chew through their own fortified walls in their excitement to make a direct tunnel to Red, making the area accessible.

  • Hero Party "THIEVES"
Tunneler-icon (1)   Thief-icon (1)   Archer-icon (1) - 900 gold
  • Hero Party "DWARVES"
Tunneler-icon (1)   Mountain-dwarf-icon (1)   Mountain-dwarf-icon (1) - 900-2400 gold

2000 turns after those guys are slain, the following heroes will come in through the Hero Gate with the Lord of The Land among them.

  • Hero Party "ELITE"
Tunneler-icon (1)   Mountain-dwarf-icon (1)   Thief-icon (1)   - 900 gold
  • Hero Party "KNIGHT"
Tunneler-icon (1)   Knight-icon (1)   Archer-icon (1)   - 2700 gold


Briefing text
"Build a dungeon with a Treasure Room, a Lair, a Hatchery and a Training Room. Make sure they're all big enough. Cramped conditions do nothing for the morale of your minions."
Player owns an Entrance and at least 9 tiles each of Treasure, Lair, Hatchery, and Training
"The time has come to build a Library. Libraries are where new devices, room designs and magic spells are researched. Make a Library at least as big as the other rooms. Researchers like quiet too, so try to build your Library off the side of a corridor."
The Library is made available for construction. If more than 12,000 turns have elapsed for the level, the tile requirements for this event are removed.
Player has laid at least 1 Library slab
"Your new Library will attract creatures like Warlocks, who are interested in researching magic and dungeon designs. These evil mages are real bookworms, as well as being magically proficient themselves."
Player has 9+ Library slabs
"That's a fine collection of parchments and tomes you've assembled. Most creatures can engage in research but Warlocks make the best and keenest researchers. Stupid Trolls have trouble holding books the right way up and sometimes even chew the pages."
All creatures but Warlocks temporarily disabled at Portal.
Player attracts a Warlock
"The scent of arcane knowledge has lured a greedy Warlock into your dungeon. Don't forget to train your Warlocks occasionally. Their spell casting abilities make them fine long range fighters."
All creatures re-enabled at Portal.
First wave of Heroes defeated
"The first wave of attackers lie hacked to pieces on the floor and give your domain that lived in feeling but it surely won't be long before their kin launch another assault."
Alternative text if White Dungeon was approached from south
"All is quiet again. Use this time to ready yourself for the next attacks. The enemy is only regrouping. It is not yet defeated."
Second wave of Heroes defeated (victory)
"You meet with success yet again, Keeper. All those corpses will keep your Hatchery's topsoil fertile. They also serve as warnings to other foolhardy adventurers, of course."
Alternative text, Idem
"Is that Imp playing football with a decapitated head? Stay alert, Keeper."


  • The names for this level in other languages are as follows:
Translations: Waterdream Warn
Language Translation
French Aquaville La Tiède
Italian Caldacque
German Herzlich Hollstein
Dutch Waterland
Polish Cieplice Letnie
Czech Teplý Vodnísen
Russian Уотердрим Ворм
Japanese ウォータードリーム・ウォーム
Chinese 安逸梦河 / 水梦暖郡

Sound Bytes[]

"Waterdream Warm. A region of pointless frolicking and endless pleasure. No one here understands the true meaning of suffering and random, shocking violence meted out arbitrarily...!"
— The Mentor, Intro
"Withersdread. This place now has a proper name because of what you did here. There is a healthy disrespect for life, and you'll be amused to hear that cannibalism has gained a strong foothold amongst the ragged inhabitants."



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