Among the images in the game's files, there exist icons of a whip grouped in the section of Creature Spells. The images look identical to that of Must Obey. This suggests that at some point there was a Creature Spell planned, but no other information has been found.

Multiple ideas exist of what this Creature Spell could do, for example:

  • A weapon for the Dark Mistress.
  • A weapon/skill for the Dark Mistress to use in the Torture Chamber. (Probably behaving similarly to how Spiders freeze prisoners, but possibly having the ability to speed up conversion or make it more efficient.)
  • Working similarly to the Must Obey spell, can be used on friendly Creatures to speed them up or make them work more efficiently. (Possibly a way for your creatures to take over slapping duty!)
  • Also tying in with the Must Obey Spell, possibly a way of hypnotising the enemy.

There is also the possibility that the graphics were just added later than the other spells, as Chicken, Destroy Walls, Disease and Armageddon were added later than the other spells, and so Must Obey was simply added after that, either with or directly after the graphics for the Creature Spell icons.

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