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For the similarly-themed trap, see Word of Power Trap.

Word of Power is a creature spell in Dungeon Keeper.

General Information[]

Word of Power causes a ring of fire to emanate from the caster's body and inflicts damage on any enemy in a two-tile radius. The spell also forces creatures away from the caster. The blast is enough to kill level 1 Imps, which can be handy when assaulting a Dungeon Heart using Possess Creature. Unfortunately, the power of the spell is offset by its very long cooldown. Word of Power inflicts magical damage, and thus deals its full damage to Magic Doors.

  1. This spell is bugged in Dungeon Keeper and does no damage to creatures. This is fixed in KeeperFX, though the damage is deals is modest.
  2. It only works on ground level, so when a flying Vampire casts it, it does nothing. Fixed in KeeperFX
  3. Also as of KeeperFX, Word of Power damages doors (doors were damaged in the original game, but KeeperFX had a bug that prevented them from being so) and Dungeon Hearts.

It seems that the Lava Trap icon was once used for the Word of Power spell in low-resolution mode.