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The Word of Power Trap is the final trap available for manufacture in Dungeon Keeper.


Word of Power Trap animation Dungeon Keeper

An animation showing the effect and radius of the trap

First available in Woodly Rhyme, the trap explodes with a Word of Power spell when a hero or enemy creature passes over it. It is supposed to be very destructive, but the damage it deals is modest. The effect expands from the trap in all directions, meaning any creature caught in the blast is affected, apart from your own creatures. The downside is that it only has three shots. To manufacture the Word of Power Trap, your Workshop must be made up of at least thirty-seven squares.

It is best to combine it with Lightning Traps, which contain more charges. In KeeperFX, this trap knocks creatures back, like the spell, making it slightly more useful, albeit only as a "pinball bumper", not as a standalone trap in its own right.

The Word Of Power trap may have used to have the Lava Trap icon.